Q: What is Woodview™?

A: Woodview™ is proudly the name of our farm in the Free State, in the heart of central South Africa. All our animals are bred and fed here. Woodview™is our household brand which stands for Delicious, Devine, Different. All of our gourmet products are sold under under this brand.

Q: What is the difference between Wagyu beef and Kobe beef?

A: Wagyu and Kobe beef is the same type of beef from the same breed of cattle. Except Kobe beef is produced from Wagyu cattle born in the Kobe region of Japan. Any other beef produced form Wagyu cattle outside of Kobe is known as Wagyu beef.

Q: What is marbling?

A: Marbling is the fine web-like fat that is found inside the muscle. When cooked, this marbling dissolves and makes the meat melt in your mouth and succulent.

Q: Why is Wagyu beef more expensive?

A: There are a number of factors such as: Supply and demand ratio, the time and cost of breeding these exclusive cattle, high in omega 3 and 6, the more marbling the more expensive.

Q: What makes Wagyu cattle different from any other breed?

A: This Japanese breed has become famous all over the world because Wagyu cattle are synonymous with “Kobe Beef”, which has carefully been selected over hundreds of years. They are a high marbling breed, that yield quality cuts of meat that surpasses all other meat in tenderness and intramuscular marbling.

Q: Do they look different to other breeds?

A: Wagyu cattle look like Angus, but are horned and lighter muscled through their hindquarters. The breed was originally a draft animal used in cultivation, and were selected for physical endurance. This selection favoured animals with more intra- muscular fat cells, which provided an instant energy source. This selection has resulted in high marbling carcasses unlike any other breed of cattle.

Q: What role does the Wagyu breed play in the beef industry?

A: Wagyu cattle are the undisputed breed leader for marbling, tenderness and carcass quality. Full blood Wagyu and Wagyu infused cattle, when fed a special diet, consistently surpass the demands for the highest grades of beef. They have proven themselves as the white tablecloth breed for the gourmet beef industry.